Added Ability to Expose an External Preview URL for any Deployed Kubernetes Service


We've added support for creating service previews.

Armory can now leverage its remote network agent to expose a preview URL for any Kubernetes service it deploys. CD-as-a-Service can generate a cryptographically secure URL for applications developers. This url can be shared with teammates and stakeholders who need to review the deployed functionality. This enables developers access to deployed services on-demand without a dependency on other teams to set up networking.

See a demo

To enable a preview service for your deployment, add an expose service step to your canary or blue/green strategy:

        - exposeServices: # step name
            services:     # list of services to expose. Service must be included in the manifests being deployed.
            - potato-facts-internal
            - potato-lies-internal
            ttl: # Optional. Sets lifetime of the exposed service preview. After that period service preview automatically expires. Max lifetime cannot exceed 24 hours, Min is 1 minute, default is 5 minutes.
              duration: 30
              unit: MINUTES # SECONDS, MINUTES or HOURS
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