can now add additional context variables at deploy time.


The cli now supports an additional command line argument that adds context variables to web-hook and canary analysis steps in a deployment field.

example usage:

armory deploy start -f deploy-webhook.yml --add-context=pr=myprnumber

this will add a new context variable named 'pr' with the value 'myprnumber' to all canary and webhook triggers.

This can also be passed from the github action using the following syntax:

addContext: "pr=myprnumber", or to ad multiple: addContext: "pr=myprnumber,changeby=myname"

Here is a full exampleGHA config using the new option:

name: Deploy my latest version

  push: # What triggers a deployment. For example, `push`.
      - main # What branch triggers a deployment. For example, `main`.   

    name: deploy from main
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Checkout code
        uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: Deployment
        uses: armory/cli-deploy-action@main
          clientId: "${{ secrets.BOREALIS_CREDENTIAL_ID }}"  # "61ihoLa6dkk5SRwAy232H0TJk1xTBbK6"
          clientSecret:  "${{ secrets.BOREALIS_CREDENTIAL_SECRET }}" #Client secret that you created in the Armory Cloud Console that has been encrypted with GitHub's encrypted secrets.
          path-to-file: "/deploy-webhook.yml" # Path to the deployment file. For more information, see the Create a deployment file section.
          addContext: "environment2=prod,pr=test"
          applicationName: "potato-facts4sa" # yes?

Known Issues:

Context will not currently be added to triggers in the following situations:

  1. An 'analysis' step when used in an after deployment constraint

  2. A step in a blue/green deployment strategy.

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