Can now deploy any Kubernetes Manifest, including CRDs for Operators without needing a deployment object


CD-as-a-Service has historically only supported deploying manifests alongside an object of Kind Deployment. Now, Armory can deploy any set of Kubernetes manifests, not just those with Deployment objects. This enables some new use cases, such as:

  • Armory can deploy CRDs for operators such as Argo Rollouts or CrossPlane. This allows Armory to orchestrate cross-cluster deployments of software that is using an Operator within the cluster.

  • This also allows deploying standalone workloads that are not deployment based, such as CronJobs or StatefulSets using CD-as-a-Service.

You do not need any extra configuration to start with deploying operators and other Kubernetes manifests. Simply specify the paths to your Kubernetes resource in the manifests section of your deploy yaml and deploy using the CLI or GitHub Action.

When deploying manifests that do not contain and Deployment object, the 'Strategy' will be ignored. You can still use beforeDeployment constraint for manual approvals and other actions. When deploying to an operator use web-hooks in an AfterDeployment constraint to add operator-specific logic that waits for the operator to finish processing the updated CRD.

Known Issues:

Objects of Kind 'Custom Resource Definition' must be deployed before objects of the kinds they create.

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