Support for deploying to multiple environments.

  • Adds support for deploying to multiple environments. Watch the demo to learn more! 

    • Specify dependsOn constraints for environments. This constraint allows you to require that certain environments deploy before other environments when deploying to multiple environments.

    • Specify beforeDeployment constraints for an environment. This constraint allows you to require a manual approval before a particular environment. For example, you can require that a deployment to production cannot start until prior environments, such as testing and staging, have completed.

    • Read more about the new constraints in the deployment file reference.

Known Issues

  • (Fixed in 0.13.2) When using a deployment constraint of type beforeDeployment, you must also provide a 'dependsOn' constraint. If you do not, the CLI crashes with a segmentation fault when starting the deployment. As a workaround, add a dependsOn constraint that is an empty array.


        dependsOn: []

  • When using a beforeDeployment constraint that is a manual approval, the deployment details on the right panel of the screen doesn't automatically update to show the details of that deployment to that environment when you approve the deployment. To workaround the issue, close and reopen the panel.

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