Support for Traffic Management with Service Mesh Interface (SMI)


It is now possible to have fine-grained traffic management during canary deployments using Service Mesh Interface (SMI). This should allow you to send as little as 1% of traffic to the canary version of your application to verify the impact of a change. In addition to our documentation, here is an example of how to use trafficManagement as part of your canary strategy.

trafficManagement definition

Add trafficManagement as a top level element in the yaml file to define which environments should use traffic management and which Kubernetes service objects to use.

  - smi:
      - rootServiceName: potato-facts-cluster-svc # Required. name of the Kubernetes service pointing to the deployment object. 
    targets: ["staging"] # optional. Target environments which should use traffic management. If not provided, then all environments will use traffic management.
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