When upgrading to Spinnaker plugin version 0.25.0 from an earlier version, your existing deployments may be affected

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Update: v0.29.2 Fixed an issue where the 'Accounts' dropdown was not working when using the latest version of the Remote Network Agent. Please skip from version 0.25.0 to v0.29.2 or later. Upgrade to v0.29.2, or later, before performing the procedure covered here: https://docs.armory.io/armory-enterprise/installation/aurora-install/#migrate-to-the-new-rna.

Because of changes to the plugin, deployments from an earlier version of the plugin are not compatible with version 0.25.0 or later. Existing deployments are affected in the following ways after you upgrade to 0.25.0:

  • Deployments that are currently in progress from an older version of the plugin cannot be continued or rolled back.

  • Application versions deployed by an older version of the plugin will not be removed when a new application version is deployed using version 0.25.0.

  • Previous versions of applications deployed by Project Aurora will not have their old versions terminated when a new version gets deployed.

These changes do not affect how you defined your Spinnaker stage. Once you complete the following steps, you can continue using your existing pipeline.

After upgrading the plugin, do the following for each application that was deployed using an older version of the plugin:

  1. Identify the namespace(s) that contains the old version of your application(s).

  2. Get the rollout for your application.

kubectl -n get rollout

  1. Delete all the rollouts with the —cascade=orphan flag.

kubectl -n delete rollout --cascade=orphan

Note: Deleting the rollout will not delete the underlying Replica Sets.

(Optional) Delete the Replica Sets for your application(s):

kubectl -n   delete rs

(Optional) Delete the Kubernetes deployment for your application(s):

kubectl -n delete deploy

You are now ready for new deployments using Project Aurora and Borealis.

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